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33rd Infantry Battalion
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Appears in

Spec Ops: The Line


US Army (Formerly)




John Konrad (Deceased)
Robert Darden (Deceased)



Known Engagements

War in Afghanistan
Occupation of Dubai

Specialized Units

"Numquam Damnati Quiescenti (The guilty never rest.)"
— 33rd Infantry Battalion's motto.

The 33rd Infantry Battalion was a large combat unit of the United States Army led by Colonel John Konrad in Dubai.

Deployment in Dubai[]

The 33rd Infantry, on their way out of Afghanistan, was volunteered by Colonel Konrad to assist in the evacuation of Dubai. However, when they received the direct order to abandon the city before all the civilians were evacuated, Konrad and the 33rd disobeyed those orders and remained to assist the remaining citizens. When the storm wall hit Dubai, the city was devastated, and evacuation became virtually impossible. The local population panicked, causing the 33rd to institute martial law, policing the city through increasingly harsh methods.

Months later, as the storm continued to surround the city, Konrad and the 33rd attempted to lead a convoy out of Dubai by road. The evacuation failed horribly, resulting in the loss of 1,300 civilians and soldiers. After this failed attempt, many of the 33rd, including Konrad's command staff, rebelled against Konrad, becoming "The Exiles". Those that remained loyal to Konrad became "The Damned".

Civil war broke out between the Exiles and the Damned, with the Damned eventually winning the conflict. Konrad executed the remaining mutineers and displayed their bodies as a warning against future insurrection. However this did not stop a local insurgency, comprised of the Dubai's Refugees, from appearing to rebel against the 33rd's police state. Some point later however, the 33rd was able to negotiate them into a ceasefire.

Roughly five and a half months after Konrad's failed evacuation attempt he broadcast a message recounting his failure through the storm wall which was received by the US. This prompted them to send a small Squad of Delta Operatives, led by Captain Martin Walker, to investigate and search the city for any survivors.

The Damned 33rd's power is based around their control over the water in Dubai, and their heavy armament.


By the time Captain Walker and his team reach Dubai, the Civil War has essentially been over, with "The Exiles" having been crushed by "The Damned". Re-focusing their attention on Dubai, the 33rd discover CIA operatives deployed into the country, in the hopes of re-igniting tensions between the locals and the 33rd and essentially wiping out all survivors of the disaster. Their attempts prove successful, as tensions are pushed to the breaking point, which escalates into a full-blown war, breaking the cease-fire.

In the midst of a battle at the outskirts of the city, Captain Walker's team encounter refugees, who mistaken them for 33rd forces and begin attacking them. Unaware of the crisis plaguing the city, the team retaliates and push them back to the crashed airplane, just barely failing to rescue captured US soldiers. The next time that the trio encounter 33rd soldiers is when they discover Lieutenant McPherson being interrogated by an unidentified individual. In the ensuing confusion, McPherson is able to overpower his captor and execute him, but turns his gun on Delta. Suspicious as to who they are, McPherson slowly backs off to the ledge, at which point Walker can kill him or spare him.

Should Walker kill him, his subordinates will chastise him, but nevertheless proceed forward. However, should McPherson be allowed to escape, he alerts his fellow soldiers, and places an ambush against Delta. Regardless, McPherson will still die in both scenarios.

After killing McPherson, Delta presses forward into a market, where they witness 33rd soldiers chasing after civilians in an attempt to evacuate them. Upon spotting the team, the 33rd begin attacking Delta, believing them to be CIA agents, while Delta believes them to be executing civilians. After wiping out the forces at the market, Delta proceeds forward and arrives in a vast mall atrium. Stumbling upon 33rd soldiers rounding up civilians to evacuate them to a safe area, Delta assumes that they intend to execute them and begin opening fire on them. Attempting to halt the violence, the 33rd are wiped out, but managed to evacuate a portion of civilians to "The Gate".


The multiplayer centers around the conflict between the two groups the 33rd Infantry were broken into after the attempted evacuation, The Damned and The Exiles.

Known Units[]

Known Members[]

Known Equipment[]

As a U.S. infantry battalion, the 33rd had access to standard military equipment. But because they were stranded in a hostile environment for so long, some of this valued equipment was lost, forcing them to scavenge for additional firearms. Most soldiers wear standard ACUs, with the notable exception of the Zulu Squad, which wear stronger armor. Many, if not most, of the battalion's vehicles had been lost either to hostile fire, being buried in sand, lack of fuel, or lack of practical use in the unstable, sandy environment.


The term on the right denotes how common the weapon is encountered in the hands of the 33rd.



  • A real 33rd Infantry Division was active in the U.S. Army National Guard from 1917 until 1968. In the late 1960s, the division was reduced to a brigade-sized formation. Its history today is perpetuated by the 33rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team.
  • Konrad had all of his staff killed due to their mutiny; it is unknown who lead the 33rd after their executions and Konrad's suicide, but given the Radioman's role in the game it is possible he took over because he is heard giving orders to the 33rd.
  • Despite the above point, a soldier in chapter 5 can be heard addressing a Major. It should be noted that Walker said that the 33rd was no longer acting as part of the U.S. Army; it's possible the Major in question was an officer that remained loyal to Konrad or was promoted after the staff were executed.
  • A loading screen states that the 33rd was the Army's most decorated battalion.
  • Above the trench where Delta accidentally massacred the civilians with white phosphorus, there is a hand written banner that reads "33rd Mobile Infantry". There is no real life US military unit designated as Mobile Infantry; the term refers to the land force of the Terran Federation from the book Starship Troopers.
  • Some soldiers listed in the 33rd's memorials are ranked as Airman First Class. They may have been part of a Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) embedded with the 33rd to coordinate air support.


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