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The 417 is a semi-automatic battle rifle that appears in Spec Ops: The Line.


The 417 is equipped with an adjustable medium range scope, similar to the FAMAS, but is not fully automatic like the M4A1.

It is first found in the hands of the 33rd Infantry soldiers at the end of Chapter 6: The Pit. Another can be found immediately at the beginning of Chapter 7: The Battle, where a refugee using one falls through a glass skylight. After these two appearances, it is uncommonly found throughout the campaign.

Chapter 7 has a few more soldiers with 417s, but these aren't common.

Chapter 8 is the only chapter where it is kind of common.

Chapter 10 only has a few soldiers with this weapon, making it fairly rare to come upon one of these.

The last time one can be found is Chapter 13, with one lying next to a dead 33rd soldier that Adams killed.


It is unlocked at level 21. The 417 does not retain the scope feature from the campaign.


  • The 417 is called the HK417 in the game files.
  • Where the refugee got the 417 is unknown. That refugee might've taken it from a dead 33rd, or alternatively, the CIA supplied some of the refugees with the 417.