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Alpha Patrol

Appears in

Spec Ops: The Line


US Army (formerly)
33rd Infantry





Known Engagements

Occupation of Dubai


John McPherson

Known Members

Four unnamed soldiers

Alpha Patrol is the first 33rd unit Delta Squad encounters in Chapter 1.


As their name implies, Alpha Patrol acted as a patrol unit for the 33rd Infantry, patrolling the highway and the storm wall on the day Delta squad inserted into Dubai. Led by First Lieutenant John McPherson, their mission likely included inspection of the Highway Beacon.

In The Line[]

Delta first makes contact with Alpha Patrol when John Lugo intercepts their distress call to 33rd Dispatch, stating that they had been ambushed by Insurgents and that they needed reinforcements. A short time later, Delta makes contact with the patrol, stating that they are in-route and would provide support. Unfortunately, the squad is too late to help most of the members of the patrol, with patrol member Garry dying shortly after their arrival, and patrol leader John McPherson being killed by Delta in self-defense a short time later.


"33rd Dispatch. This is Alpha Patrol. We're under attack. Repeat, the Insurgents have us surrounded. Requesting immediate assistance. ... Shit! Martzen is down. We need backup."

"Mayday, mayday. This is Alpha Patrol, requesting immediate assistance. Is anyone out there?"

Lugo: "Alpha, if you can hear me, we're approachin' your position."

"Oh fuck... thank fuckin' Christ. I... I think Martzen's dead."

Lugo: "Are you hurt? Is anyone else with you?"

"There's four of us. We're okay, but we're runnin' outta ammo. Can't keep 'em back much longer."

Lugo: "Ok stay cool. We're almost there."


  • Even though the 33rd is hostile to Delta Squad, this patrol (as they were never fought) could be considered friendly to Delta Squad.
  • There is a dead soldier near the lone turbine. He is in 33rd livery, but whether this was Martzen or another member of Alpha Patrol is unknown.
  • Unless Garry did not include himself, there were actually five soldiers on the plane instead of four.
    • Wilson was shot coming down the stair case.
    • There's two corpses on the wingtip and the small section before the main cabin.
    • One is executed by a refugee with a Desert Eagle.
    • Garry died shortly after, but before saying McPherson was taken.