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Bayonet Runners are a type of enemy in Spec Ops: The Line.

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They are the fastest enemy encountered and are capable of dodging weapons fire. However, they never take cover and have little armor and are thus easily dispatched if spotted in time. They are equipped with a bayonet and will attempt to charge straight at the player.

Two are found in Chapter 5, another two in Chapter 10, one in Chapter 12, and the final one in Chapter 13. As such, this is the rarest enemy encountered in Spec Ops: The Line, with only 6 found in the game. However, they deal extremely high damage, only requiring one knife blow to kill Walker on Suicide Mission and FUBAR difficulty.


  • They are voiced by Michael Yurchak.
  • They will never use a gun even if one is easily accessible to them; it is probable that they are insane as a result of the events in Dubai. Lugo even refers to one of them as a "crazy fucker with a knife."
    • Despite their aversion to guns, they carry a Micro 9mm which they drop upon death.
  • When they are killed they will drop and swing their bayonet in a desperate last effort attack. This however deals no actual damage.
  • Killing one when they're within 5 meters or less will grant the "Damn Close" achievement.
  • They can not be knocked down by melee attacks, similar to the Heavy Trooper.
  • Unlike other 33rd soldiers, they will still charge the player when hit with a sticky grenade, making them a potentially explosive hazard.