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Lugo being healed by Walker while in DBNO

Down But Not Out is a mechanic introduced in Spec Ops: The Line.


If a squad mate (Adams, Lugo, or possibly Riggs) sustains a sufficient amount of damage, they will enter DBNO. In this state they will drop to their knees and can no longer defend themselves. A red bar will fill showing how long Walker has to revive them before they die. Walker can revive a downed squad mate by approaching them and pressing the lower action button (A for 360, X for PS3). Optionally, if another squad mate is available Walker can command them to revive the downed squadmate for him.

Enemies may also enter this state after taking sufficient damage. They however will not be revived by their allies, and will eventually bleed out if left alone. If Walker approaches a downed enemy, there is the option to perform a cinematic finishing move to kill them.

Walker can not enter DBNO himself.


When a player sustains sufficient damage, they may enter DBNO. If an enemy comes across a downed player, they may perform an execution on them for extra points. If a team mate comes across a downed player, they can revive them and the downed player can return to the fight.

While in this state, they have three options.

  • Call of help
  • Bleed out
  • Wait

Calling for help will make noise and mark you on the minimap, allowing your to more easily find and revive you. However this also alerts the enemy team to your presence and may increase your chances of being found and killed.

Bleeding out will cause you to instantly die, denying the enemy team the opportunity to execute you.

If you do nothing, and you are not killed by someone first, the player may die from their wounds. The credit for the kill will not be awarded to any one player, but the kill is still added to the teams score.


  • There is a multiplayer Perk called Resilient that allows the player to survive DBNO longer before bleeding out. At higher levels it allows them to revive themselves.