Dubai Skyline
Dubai's damaged, yet still glittering skyline, as seen from the storm wall.

Appears in

Spec Ops: The Line





"In the first days there was no fear – these are the last days. Fear is all we know."
— Unknown Refugee on the fall of Dubai

Dubai is both an emirate and a city within the United Arab Emirates and the main game setting of Spec Ops: The Line.


In Spec Ops: The Line, a devastating sand storm hits Dubai, resulting in the city being engulfed in sand and causing a massive death toll on the population. The surviving citizens had become the refugees. The 33rd Infantry Battalion of the United States Army are ordered into Dubai by Colonel John Konrad in order to evacuate the population, but instead the entire batallion is caught in the sandstorm and the evacuation ends in failure, resulting in the disappearance of Colonel Konrad and a devastating civil war erupting between The Damned, The Exiles, and the Refugees.

Six months later Captain Martin Walker and his team, consisting of himself, Sergeant John Lugo and Lieutenant Alphanso Adams, are sent into Dubai after the catastrophic sandstorm in order to locate survivors and launch an evacuation operation.