The FUBAR Pack is a DLC pack for those who pre-ordered Spec Ops: The Line and comes with these bonuses:

  • Double XP for a week
  • AK-47 at Rank 1
  • Officer Class at Rank 1
  • Clan Accesories: Exclusive Skins/Accessories for all classes and Unique and Visually Distinct items.
      • FUBAR Pack available for Multiplayer only***


The Damned

The Exiles


  • FUBAR Pack is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store at $3.99.
  • FUBAR is military slang for "Fucked Up Beyond All Recogniton/Any Repair/All Reason" which can be said for Dubai in-game.


Spec Ops The Line - Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer
Spec Ops The Line - Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer
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