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Garry was a member of the 33rd Infantry Battalion that appears in Spec Ops: The Line.


Garry was a member of Alpha Patrol, along with John McPherson, Martzen, and Wilson. It is unclear what his position in the group was, though it can be assumed that he was the patrols radioman, given that he was the one to call 33rd Dispatch for backup, and to report that the patrol had been attacked.

In The Line[]

Delta Squad first makes contact with Garry, and the rest of Alpha Patrol, following their fight with the Refugees at the Beacon. Upon hearing the distress call, Delta responds, moving towards the Airplane Crashsite.

John Lugo then makes contact, stating that he, and the rest of Delta Squad are moving towards the plane, for which Garry is thankful. He states that he thinks Martzen is dead and that, while they are in a defensible position, they are running out of ammo and need help. Delta Squad then engages, moving into the plane.

Garry is then wounded and taken hostage by the remaining five Refugees in the first class compartment. Delta Squad is able to kill them and Captain Walker states that they are there to help. Garry informs them that McPherson was taken to The Nest, stating that they might still be able to rescue him. Walker acknowledges this, before asking about the status of John Konrad, but Garry dies of his wounds before he can respond.