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The Gassed kit is a Head Kit available in Spec Ops: The Line's multiplayer.


The kit consists of two parts: an M40 gas mask and a combat helmet. The helmet has a desert camouflage cover, with the United States Marine Corps anchor emblem on both sides, as well as a skull painted on the back. The helmet has an elastic cover band on it, pinning three 5.56 rounds to the right side of the helmet, and the phrase: "Bunker Buster" written on it. Finally, a red star is painted on the front of it.

It is available to The Exiles' Gunner class from Level One if the player has the FUBAR Pack.


  • It can be seen in the Multiplayer trailer that the helmet's band originally was supposed to say "Born to Kill", an obvious reference to the film Full Metal Jacket. It was, however, changed at some point prior to the game's release.