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One of the Damned's Gunners

The Gunner class's menu icon.

The Gunner is an available multiplayer class in Spec Ops: The Line multiplayer.

They are basic foot soldiers whose high damage output and resistance can allow them to be either powerful shock troopers or resilient heavy units. They are the only class capable of adding a heavy weapon to their loadout, which they carry it as a secondary weapon. After re-enlisting, however, they can carry a heavy weapon as both secondary and primary weapons.

Gunners take 20% less damage from enemy attacks, making them capable of striking out alone in Chaos matches or playing defense in Uplink or Buried. Gunners also benefit from a 20% damage increase, a benefit they share with nearby teammates. This damage increase can be particularly beneficial when paired alongside an Officer or Breacher when going after an enemy Vital Point in Buried matches.

Head Kits[]

The Exiles
The Damned


The Exiles
The Damned


  • 20% damage increase for self and teammates within 15m.
  • Gunner takes 20% less damage.
  • Replace sidearm with a heavy weapon.
  • 40% damage increase for self and teammates within 30m.
  • Gunner takes 40% less damage.
  • Replace sidearm and primary gun with heavy weapons.