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Spec Ops: The Line



The M1014 is a shotgun that appears in Spec Ops: The Line.


In the campaign, the M1014 is always carried by Adams as his secondary weapon. While Adams mainly uses it to breach doors, he can be seen using this in combat sometimes. He still mainly uses his M249 SAW in open combat.

The M1014 is first usable in Chapter 7 after Delta Squad rescues either Rick Gould or the refugees. It holds 6 shells in its tube magazine and is semi-automatic, allowing for quicker follow-up shots, and therefore, deadlier close-quarters capability. However, ammo is scarce, especially in comparison to the W1300, which means that the player must conserve ammo. The player can still use ammunition crates or execute enemies to refill ammunition for this weapon, but ammo is relatively rare.

While there is no other 33rd wielding this weapon until chapter 12, there are plenty of ammo crates between chapter 7 and 11 that it can still be used. It is still relatively rare in these chapters, but it becomes very common during chapters 13 and 14.

It is used by 33rd Infantry and Zulu Squad soldiers alike.


  • Wielded by a soldier towards the end of Chapter 7. Note that this soldier will not be encountered if you do the steps toward the "A Man of Patience" achievement.
  • One on the ground in Chapter 9.
  • One leaning against a mall railing in Chapter 11.
  • Wielded by a Zulu Squad soldier that Lugo snipes in Chapter 12.
  • Common in Chapter 13 and Chapter 14.


  • When breaching doors, Adams is shown operating it in pump-action, however, this is inaccurate since M1014 is semi-automatic only.
  • Incorrectly holds 6 shells instead of 7+1.
  • The bolt doesn't lock back when emptied.