M249 SAW
M249 SAW model

Appears in

Spec Ops: The Line


Light Machine Gun

Magazine size


Spare Ammo


Used by

33rd Infantry
Zulu Squad

The M249 SAW is a light machine gun (LMG) that appears in Spec Ops: The Line. This weapon is the only LMG seen in the entire game.


The M249 SAW is Adams' primary weapon and can be picked up from some 33rd Infantry soldiers. It is also wielded as the standard weapon of Heavy Troopers and a select few Zulu Squad soldiers.

The first time a player can pick one up is Chapter 5.


It is unlocked at level 31, and can only be equipped on a loadout as a Gunner.


  • The M249 SAW has the largest ammo capacity of any small-arms weapon, with one clip holding 100 rounds.
  • While Adams' M249 is in good condition, the M249s used by the 33rd Infantry are being held together with bands or tape, likely due to the fact they have been unable to properly maintain their weapons in the harsh conditions of Dubai.