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Heavy Machine Gun

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The M2E2HMG is a mounted heavy machine gun in Spec Ops: The Line.


Since it is mounted, it can not be moved from the location it is found in. Unlike the Browning M2A2, it has a shield to offer the operator greater protection from enemy fire in combat.

Like the General Dynamics GAU-17/A, it has unlimited ammunition.


It appears in every chapter with the exception of Chapter 5, possibly Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 13, and Chapter 15.

  • In Chapter 1, two are manned by refugees inside a bus and near a shed.
  • In Chapter 2, two are manned by refugees inside the news station and directly outside. The one inside the news station can be destroyed.
  • In Chapter 3, one is manned by a refugee inside the hotel.
  • In Chapter 4, four are manned by the 33rd inside the camp. One of them is destroyed and another one is later requisitioned by Walker to blow out a window.
  • In Chapter 6, two are manned by 33rd soldiers near the gate that Adams blows open and near the T-Rex. The one near the gate is used by Walker to fend off 33rd reinforcements.
  • In Chapter 7, three are manned by 33rd soldiers in the bus, at the small outpost, and at Gould's interrogation area. The one at Gould's interrogation area can actually be used by Walker is he moves quickly enough (of course, assuming you decide to save Gould).
  • In Chapter 10, one is mounted on the Humvee waiting in the parking lot as an ambush. This one cannot be used.
  • In Chapter 11, one is used by a 33rd soldier to try and kill Delta minus Walker. Walker subsequently requisitions this one to fend off the 33rd while covering his squad.
  • In Chapter 12, three are used by the 33rd to try and bring down the commandeered MH-60L DAP. None of these are usable.
  • They appear for the final time in Chapter 14, with five appearing in this level. One is used near the gate house back entrance, while 2 are featured as machine gun pillboxes during the sequence where Walker and Adams barge their way forward to the command center. While the two are used as pill boxes, the one on the right is actually more of a machine gun nest composing two machine guns. Finally, one is used on the gate house roof.


The gun typically has a 130-160 degree field of fire. It can also be flipped in the opposite direction, if approached from that side. The operator may also crouch while using the gun to protect themselves, but doing so will impair their ability to aim. After extended periods of uninterrupted fire, the gun may overheat and can not be fired until it has cooled down.