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The M32 MGL is a grenade launcher that appears Spec Ops: The Line.


This weapon is an extremely rare weapon, only appearing three times during the whole campaign.

The first time it appears is in Chapter 4: The Nest, but does not reappear until Chapter 10 B: Stealing Water when it is given to Walker by Riggs. It has one last appearance in Chapter 14: The Bridge, after taking the MG nest using the right flank. It is within the bunker, next to an M249 SAW. Due to its extreme rarity, ammo can only be gained from Ammo Crates and Executions.


It is unlocked at level 45, making it the very last item to be unlocked in the multiplayer. It is a heavy weapon and can only be equipped to a loadout by a Gunner.



  • In the FUBAR Pack commercial an Exiles Officer is seen using the M32 MGL. However in the final game only the Gunner can equip it to a loadout.
  • Holding the M32 MGL while near the edge of cover, will cause the player to stick their head slightly out of cover, making them to be exposed to enemy fire.
  • During the stealing water section of Chapter 10, the MGL has unlimited ammunition (though Walker still reloads this weapon after 6 grenades). This is the only time during the game where your handheld weapon has unlimited ammunition.