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The Medic class's menu icon.

The Medic serves an important role, but is not for everyone. The Medic is best for players who embrace teamwork, communicate well, and don’t mind playing more of a support role. All teams, particularly in Mutiny and Attrition matches, should have a Medic amongst their ranks.

The Medic increases the health regeneration rate of all nearby teammates. Medic players can also manually inject a shot of adrenaline to a teammate, thereby giving him 5 seconds of protection from general damage other than headshots and explosives. Try to administer this adrenaline boost to teammates as they capture a Rally Point or Control Point in games of Uplink.

Lastly, the Medic can quickly heal teammates in DBNO and send them back into the fray with 5 seconds of invincibility. The best Medics tend to hang back behind cover but maintain contact with their teammates so as to provide the health regen bonus.


  • 20% increase in self and teammate health regen rate within 15m.
  • Heal DBNO teammates 45% faster and give 5s invincibility.
  • Give teammates a 5s adrenaline boost where only headshots and explosives affect them.
  • 40% increase in self and teammate health regen rate within 30m.
  • Heal DBNO teammates 90% faster and give 10s invincibility.
  • Adrenaline boost now lasts 10s.
  • Revive dead allies as long as they haven’t respawned.

Head Kits[]

The Exiles[]

The Damned[]


The Exiles[]

The Damned[]

  • [FUBAR] Surgeon
  • Support
  • Prescription
  • Patch
  • First Aid