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The Micro 9mm is a weapon that appears in Spec Ops: The Line. It is often carried by Emirati refugees. It shares ammo with the M9.


  • Walker starts out with this weapon as a sidearm for Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 if the player selects Select Chapter.
  • Wielded by refugees in Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3 as a fairly common weapon.
  • Wielded by the two Bayonet Runners in Chapter 5 (not used).
  • Three can be found in Chapter 7, when two 33rd soldiers can be seen wielding it, but there is also another one near a dead refugee near a car.
  • Two can be found in Chapter 8 at a resupply point inside The Gate.
  • A few 33rd soldiers wield this weapon in Chapter 10 before the sequence where Zulu Squad enters the game. The two Bayonet Runners inside the Aquatic Colosseum also wield these (but don't use it).
  • Wielded by the Bayonet Runner in Chapter 12 (not used).
  • It is seen for the last time in Chapter 13 as the sidearm for the Zulu Squad M-99 Sniper operator and the weapon carried by the Bayonet Runner (not used).


  • It's called the Micro-Uzi in game files.
  • The magazine it comes equipped with seems to be too short to be a 30 round mag.