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Minimap is tactical tool found in Spec Ops: The Line multiplayer. It can be used to show map layout, important objects within the area, and players.


General icons[]

  • Blue dot: Player's own location or squadmates' locations
  • Red dot: Enemy players' locations
  • Orange dot: Officer supply drop location
  • Flashing Blue/Orange dot: Officer's order location
  • Yellow X: Player calling for help in DBNO
  • Yellow dot: Location of grenade boxes or dropped weapons (only visible with IED Expertise level 2)
  • Flashing orange boom marker: Location of remote explosive. Such as a Proximity Mine or C4 (only visible with IED Expertise level 2)

Gametype specific icons[]

  • Buried
    • Blue A: Allied Vital point
    • Blue B: Allied Vital point
    • Blue C: Allied Vital point
    • Blue D: Allied HVT
    • Red A: Enemy Vital point
    • Red B: Enemy Vital point
    • Red C: Enemy Vital point
    • Red D: Enemy HVT
    • White X: Destroyed Vital point.
  • Rally Point
  • Uplink


  • Enemy locations are only revealed when they are firing, running, or the player has the appropriate bonuses.
  • Sandstorms can cause the minimap to fade in and out of static, making it difficult to use, if at all.
  • Perks like Situational Awareness and IED Expertise can make the player's Minimap more effective, while perks like Commando and Hunter make the enemies' minimap less effective.
  • There is no minimap in the singleplayer campaign. It exists solely in multiplayer.
  • If something is sufficiently higher or lower than the player, the minimap icon will have an arrow on the top or bottom respectively.