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One of The Exile's Officers

The Officer class's menu icon.

The Officer class is an offensive-minded support class that can alter the flow of a battle before firing a single round. Officers and nearby teammates benefit from a significant damage reduction. Officers also gain a 50% boost to other class abilities that they are within range of. For example, an Officer standing near a Medic and Gunner inflicts 30% greater damage and enjoy 30% faster health regen, a opposed to the normal 20% bonuses.

What truly sets the Officer apart is his ability to call in a supply drop. Any teammate who enters the glowing supply drop area has their ammo and grenade supply filled. Similarly, the Officer can also place an objective on the map. Teammates that stand within 10 meters of the objective gain favorable damage increases/reductions.

Officers need to be a part of the action, but not necessarily the tip of the spear. Hang back – perhaps to defend a Medic – and deploy supply drops and issue objectives to grant damage bonuses to your Gunner or Breacher. It’s important to not take unnecessary risks as an Officer, as the entire team stands to suffer if you do. A skilled Officer can be particularly beneficial in games of Mutiny and Attrition.

Head Kits[]

The Exiles
The Damned


The Exiles
The Damned


  • 20% incoming damage reduction for self and teammates within 10m.
  • Increases effectiveness of other class abilities by 50%.
  • Place an objective that lasts 60s. Anyone on your faction within 10m of objective get 10% damage increase and 10% damage reduction.
  • 40% incoming damage reduction for self and teammates within 15m.
  • Increases effectiveness of other class abilities by 75%.
  • Supply drop cool down timer reduced to 30s.
  • Any visible enemies within 10m of Officer appear on minimap for all teammates.


  • The voice actors for this class are Daniel Hugh Kelly & John Cygan.
  • The officer has the most kits of all the classes.