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Randolf Dossler is a member of the 33rd Infantry Battalion that appears in Spec Ops: The Line.


Little is known about Randolf Dossler, other than that he acted as the 33rd's interrogator at Camp Truth, torturing anyone the 33rd deemed as requiring it. At one point, he put himself through his own torture methods to better understand it, writing a journal entry about it. He also compiled the dossier on Grey Fox, helped in the planning of Operation: Reclamation, and tortured Agent Daniels and Agent Gould for information on the CIA's actions in Dubai.

In The Line[]

Dossler is only encountered in-game once when he is seen interrogating Gould and killing innocent civilians when Gould refuses to talk. Depending on the player's choice, Dossler can be either be killed by Delta Squad in an attempt to rescue Gould (who dies anyway from torture) or allowed to escape after breaking Gould's neck due to Gould's information not being good enough. If the player chooses the latter, Dossler isn't seen or heard from again. The player can also find the intel items he recorded mentioned above during the course of the campaign.



  • He is only ever referred to as "Interrogator", both in the game files, and in the game's credits. His name is taken from the dossier image above.
  • Interestingly, his name on the Dossier is preceded by the acronym LTD, possible indicating that he was part of a Language Training Detachment before the 33rd became trapped in Dubai. This would prove useful, as he would be able to understand the many languages spoken by the Refugees.