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Emirati Refugees
The Line Refugee.jpg
Refugee meleed by Walker

Appears in

Spec Ops: The Line


United Arab Emirates (formerly)


Hostile (Friendly later) (Hostile Later)


Grey Fox (Deceased)
Fari (Deceased)



The Emirati Refugees are a group of survivors of the Dubai sandstorm led and armed by the CIA squad, Grey Fox. Before Delta Squad arrived in Dubai, the 33rd and Refugees had agreed to a ceasefire, but the refugees later called it off. At first they were hostile to both the 33rd Infantry and Walker's team, but after it was confirmed that Walker's squad were also against the 33rd, they became friendlies.

CIA agents Gould and Riggs mainly used them as a distraction against the Damned 33rd while Riggs tried to eliminate the evidence of Konrad's actions within the city.

They appear to not only be composed of emarati citizens, but also of other nationals.

Known Equipment[]

Due to the irregular nature of the Refugees, they lack any sort of common uniform. Most of their equipment is either captured military gear from the 33rd, or re-purposed items, such as water bottles strapped to their leg with tape for a canteen or handcuffs used to hold on pistol holsters. They seem to wear whatever they can get their hands on, from dock worker's jumpsuits to dress shirts and ties.