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Rick Gould is a CIA agent and a member of Grey Fox, a covert team sent by the agency into Dubai to look for survivors. He is one of the leaders of the refugees alongside other Grey Fox agents Daniels, Castavin, and Riggs.

He is first seen rescuing Walker's team from a trap set by the 33rd which was set up for him. He is later seen leading an attack on The Gate, which fails and is captured by the 33rd and interrogated for information about Agent Riggs. Delta can choose to rescue Gould or the civilians that are going to be executed. If Delta tries to save Gould, a firefight ensues and after the battle is over, Gould dies from the sandboarding used in his torture. If Delta chooses to save the civilians, Gould is strangled by the interrogator.

Gould seems to be the more honest member of the CIA team, as he saves Walker's team and seems to regret the civilian casualties he is forced to witness. In addition, he was against Riggs' plan to destroy Dubai's water supply and told him he was insane.

Like Riggs, Gould is one of the hallucinations taunting Walker after the helicopter crash, telling Walker that he (Walker) always had a choice, but never took it.