A sandstorm in The Line.

Sandstorms are an environmental hazard present in Spec Ops: The Line.


When a sandstorm occurs, the player's visibility and accuracy become harshly impaired. While in the storm, running is not possible and the player will shield their face. In multiplayer, sandstorms will cause the minimap to be reduced to static, rendering it beyond use.

Counter ActionEdit

The effects of sandstorms can be negated by either escaping the storm (finding shelter) or in the multiplayer, using the perk Adapted.


  • The character will always shield their face, even if they are wearing protective equipment such as goggles.
  • In the single player, Walker can not issue squad commands during a sandstorm.
  • Sandstorms can occur on all multiplayer maps, with the sole exception of Extinction, as the map takes place indoors.