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Scout Tactical

Appears in

Spec Ops: The Line


Sniper Rifle

Magazine size


Spare Ammo


Special ability

8x or 16x Zoom

Used by

33rd Infantry, Lugo

The Scout Tactical is a bolt-action sniper rifle in Spec Ops: The Line. It has a 5 round magazine and a scope that can swap between an 8x and a 16x zoom.

Singleplayer Campaign[]

It can first be used when found next to the body of a dead sniper during the Chapter 5: The Edge, but the first time it can be seen is during the window shoot out in Chapter 4. Afterwards it can be regularly found on enemy snipers throughout the campaign.

Walker is shown holding a Scout Tactical in Chapter 7 during a cutscene where he watches a 33rd soldier interrogate a captured Rick Gould, but that is cutscene exclusive. Whether the player actually has one or not is up to the player.


The Scout Tactical is unlocked at Level 25.


  • Steyr Scout is the actual name of the real-life weapon. The name of the arms maker was likely excluded due to copyright purposes.
  • Lugo carries a Scout Tactical as a secondary weapon.
  • The Scout Tactical is being held together with bands or tape. This is likely due to the harsh environment and isolation of Dubai preventing proper maintenance.