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The Ship Graveyard is a major location in Spec Ops: The Line, and is the setting for most of Chapter 13: Adams.


Situated along the remains of Dubai's coastline, the Ship Graveyard is the final resting place of the massive fleet of ship, both commercial and private, that were docked before the storm wall fell. They have been piled up by the massive storms, leaving a twisted maze of wrecks. Despite this, both the 33rd Infantry and the Refugees utilize the area as supply depots and living space. The 33rd, especially, have established a series of supply points throughout the graveyard, containing ammo, fuel, and water, as well as establishing at least one outpost in the wreck of a ruined yacht.

List of Ships[]

Several named ships can be found throughout the Graveyard. They include:

  • Accetta - Luxury yacht. Used as an outpost by the 33rd.
  • Aither - Small cabin cruiser. Formerly used as a supply cache by the 33rd.
  • Alessia - Small sailboat, used as a supply cache by the 33rd.
  • Blue Wave - Large, multi-decked luxury yacht. Registration number: OP-253892/DI
  • Eternal Wisdom - Large, three decked luxury yacht.
  • Fortune of Light - Two decked yacht.
  • Giulia - Two decked yacht, with its home port in Venice.
  • Hyperion - Two decked yacht. Home port is Los Angeles. Formerly used as a supply cache by the 33rd.
  • Majestic - A ruined two-deck yacht.
  • Phoibe - Nicknamed "Rioha Do Sin".
  • Unnamed fishing boat - Registration number MY-H103.
  • Volition
  • White Bird - Small cabin cruiser.
  • White Squall - A single-masted sailboat, it's home port is Al Khaimah.
  • Yasmin - Small luxury yacht.