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A sniper using his Ghillie suit's ability.

The Sniper class's menu icon.

Snipers is a character class that benefit from substantially increased accuracy, a bonus that spreads to nearby teammates as well. It’s best to consider this an accidental benefit, as snipers tend to be most effective when lurking in the shadows, alone. That said, it can pay to have a nearby Gunner or Officer serving either as a bodyguard to be protected or distraction to confuse the enemy.

The sniper’s two other unique traits are perhaps the most important to the team. Snipers can “mark” an enemy by using their rifle’s scope to tag the enemy. Assuming the sniper doesn’t kill the target right away, the enemy becomes visible on the minimap for 60 seconds. Finally, snipers wear a special meta-material Ghillie suit that allows the wearer to appear invisible after remaining motionless for 4 seconds. Any motion at all—even to shoulder the rifle or lower it—breaks the effect. This benefit is particularly useful after reenlistment.

To achieve the greatest success as a sniper, seek out hiding places along the perimeter of the map that offer a concealed view of the battlefield. Good sniping positions are typically dark, elevated, and feature plenty of cover that the sniper can hide behind. Once reenlisted, make sure to have a sniper on hand to defend or attack enemy Com Stations in Uplink matches.


  • 20% accuracy increase for self and teammates within 15m.
  • Mark an enemy by aiming at them using a scoped weapon. Marked enemies appear on teammates’ minimap for 60s.
  • Become invisible by remaining still for 4s. Moving or firing breaks the illusion.
  • 30% accuracy increase for self and teammates within 30m.
  • Won’t appear on minimap when shooting with sniper rifles.
  • Hack and repair Com Stations 30% faster.
  • Faster invisibility with ability to aim and rotate.

Head Kits[]

The Exiles
The Damned


The Exiles
The Damned


  • The lasers coming from sniper's weapons may be rangefinders.
  • The sniper class can not be equipped with any heavy armors. They possess only one unique armor type called "Ghille Suit"