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The soldier and civilian

After Walker finds a radio and it is revealed that Konrad is alive and still

Two convicts

leading the 33rd over the radio, the squad finds their way outside. There is a soldier and a civilian tied up on a sign with their mouths taped and snipers aimed at them. Konrad once again contacts Walker telling him that the civilian stole water (an extreme crime) and the soldier was sent to apprehend him but killed the civilian's family in the process and because of both of them 5 people are dead. Konrad wants Walker to choose who dies and who lives.

Walker will be gunned down by the snipers.

The snipers will retaliate, and winning the subsequent firefight is extremely difficult. Konrad will call Walker insubordinate.

Adams will be furious and tell him "we don't do this shit."

They shoot Adams and threaten to kill him if Walker steps towards him. If Walker moves closer, nothing happens. If he then revives Adams, he is shot and dies.

Trivia (Spoilers)[]

  • If the player shoots one of the convicted's ropes the freed one will try and run away but is killed by one of the groups of snipers and the convict that's still tied up will be killed by the other group.
  • Killing the civilian or soldier will give you the Damned if You Do achievement.
  • You shoot at the snipers to get the Damned if You Don't achievement.
  • At the end of the game, when Konrad reveals the truth, it is revealed through a flashbacks that the two men were corpses, and that Walker had hallucinated the entire scenario. Lugo and Adams could be heard trying to figure out what was wrong with Walker.