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Mission 1: SicilyEdit

Mission 1-1: The Crash SiteEdit

Mission: Locate and search the crash site. Locate any injured personnel and secure all documents.

Objective 1: Proceed to Waypoint 01. Locate and search the crash site.

Objective 2: Locate any injured personnel.

Objective 3: Proceed to Waypoint 03.

Mission 1-2: The ChateauEdit

Mission 2: KraplakistanEdit

Mission 2-1: Roadblock & Hospital HQEdit

Mission 2-2: The EmbassyEdit

Mission 2-3: Bridge & Government ZoneEdit

Mission 2-4: Broadcast CentreEdit

Mission 3: LongtianEdit

Mission 3-1: Perimeter & BarracksEdit

Mission 3-2: Munitions Dump & M9sEdit

Mission 3-3: F-11s and SAMsEdit

Mission 4: JungleEdit

Mission 4-1: The Bridge & StrongeholdEdit

Mission 4-2: Ammo Dump & BarracksEdit

Mission 4-3: Command tunnelsEdit