This is a collaborative walkthrough for Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol. Please add any missing information to any section and/or correct any errors that you find.

Mission 1: Forest In SiberiaEdit

Mission 1-1: Destroy Enemy Ops RadioEdit

Mission 1-2: Recover Air Craft Data ModuleEdit

Mission 2: Snowy Mountains in BosniaEdit

Mission 2-1: Secure Intel Report, Raid Militia BaseEdit

Mission 2-2: Capture the CommanderEdit

Mission 2-3: Recapture UN Outpost, Destroy BridgeEdit

Mission 3: Desert in IraqEdit

Mission 3-1: Stop Biological Weapons DispersalEdit

Mission 3-2: Escort Truck Transferring Captured WeaponsEdit

Mission 3-3: Destoy Secret Chemical Storage BunkersEdit

Mission 4: Snowy Mountains in North KoreaEdit

Mission 4-1: Destroy the Radar Antenna, Tank and BridgeEdit

Mission 4-2: Raid Airbase and Destroy MIG AircraftEdit

Mission 4-3: Destroy Scud Missle LaunchersEdit

Mission 4-4: Destroy Radar Unit and Pipeline ManifoldsEdit

Mission 5: Jungle in VietnamEdit

Mission 5-1: Destroy Enemy Weapons CachesEdit

Mission 5-2: Destroy Mortor Launcher EmplacementsEdit

Mission 5-3: Locate and Rescue the Downed PilotEdit