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Squad Commands are a specialized gameplay mechanic that appears in Spec Ops: The Line, which adds a sense of tactical thinking to the gameplay. In a loading screen, they are also referred to as Attack Commands.


By holding down "RB" on Xbox, "R1" on PS3, and "F" (by Default) on PC, and releasing it over a highlighted enemy, Walker can mark priority targets for his squad. Adams and Lugo will then concentrate their fire on the highlighted target until it is killed by them or by Walker.

Most commands are Walker barking the orders, but sometimes he will clench his left fist and gesture toward the enemy.

There are also other situations that Walker's squadmates can perform special actions depending on who attacks:

Adams lobs grenades into groups of enemies, or entrenched enemies, and Lugo uses his sniper rifle to take out enemies that are at long range, such as snipers.

Lastly, if the squad sees Walker is suppressed by heavy fire, a prompt will appear on-screen for the "Stun Command". Tapping the Command button will make Adams and Lugo throw a flashbang at the group of enemies, leaving them stunned, and enabling Walker to escape from tight situations.


Early game, squad commands are given in a professional voice, but as the game goes on, commands become increasingly angry and yelled.

  • "Lugo, take him out." - Early game
  • "Snipe that hostile." - Early game
  • "Concentrate fire on my target." - Early game
  • "Concentrate fire on the target near the roof!" - Mid game
  • "Take out that HMG!" - Mid game
  • "Put down/Take out that fucking heavy!" - Mid to late game
  • "Take out that sniper!" - Mid to late game
  • "Put down that fucking soldier!" - Late game
  • "Adams! Turret!" - Late game
  • "HMG! Take it out!" - Late game
  • "I need him DEAD!" - Late game
  • "Adams, you're on the heavy. Put him down!" - Chapter 13 and 14 exclusive
  • "Lugo! Precision shot on my target!" - Throughout the game until Chapter 12