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The TAR-21 is a bullpup assault rifle that appears in Spec Ops: The Line. It is Lugo's primary weapon.


The TAR-21 is not available until right at the end of Chapter 13: Adams. Before going up the stairs and completing the mission, Lugo's TAR-21 lies in a nearby tent, where it can picked up by Walker. As such, there is only one obtainable TAR-21 in the entire campaign. Ammunition for this weapon can only be gained from ammo crates and executions.


The TAR-21 is unlocked at level 19.


  • The TAR-21 was originally supposed to be used by Adams, but was given to Lugo in the final game.
  • The TAR-21 originally had a red dot sight attached. In the final game however, the SCAR-H's iron sights were added instead.
  • In concept art, the TAR-21 was being held together with bands or tape, similar to the M249 SAW and Scout Tactical.