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The Damned emblem

The Damned are a multiplayer faction in Spec Ops: The Line. They are composed of soldiers of the 33rd Infantry who remained loyal to Colonel Konrad during the crisis in Dubai. They have an overall "psychotic" appearance, as opposed to The Exiles, who have a more professional and militaristic look.

The Damned have access to the Scavenger class, which is better at repairing Vital Points, take less explosive damage, and their explosives have an increased radius.


The Damned enjoy faction bonuses that aided them in ways that allow for a slightly more covert approach to combat. For starters, they benefit from a slight increase in ranged weapon effectiveness. This bonus gives just enough of an edge to their Snipers and those in long-range standoffs to tilt the balance in their favor, assuming all else is equal. The Damned gain a small XP bonus for kills made while in the sandstorm. They have a reduction to fall damage, which enables them to drop off nearly any ledge without fear of dying (falling off a bridge on Crow’s Nest is still fatal, as there is effectively no bottom to land on). Whereas The Exiles are encouraged to carry a pistol as a secondary weapon, those playing as The Damned may want to consider equipping a sniper rifle alongside their standard assault rifle or shotgun even when not playing as a Sniper so as to take advantage of the slight increase in weapon range effectiveness.


  • Patient 0
  • Slick
  • The Guide
  • Socket Wrench
  • Fancy Slick
  • Tracker
  • Cow-Poke
  • Miami Style
  • Sickness
  • Vigilante
  • Walrus


  • 10% XP bonus for sandstorm kills.
  • 5% increase in weapon range effectiveness.
  • 70% damage reduction to falling damage.


  • The Damned in multiplayer have a strong visual difference from their counterparts in the campaign.