Exiles Emblem

The Exiles emblem

The Exiles are a multiplayer faction in Spec Ops: The Line. They are composed of renegade soldiers of the 33rd Infantry who have rebelled against Colonel Konrad's orders during the crisis in Dubai.

They have an overall more professional appearance than The Damned, which have a more rag-tag appearance.

The Exiles have access to the Breacher class, which deals more damage with explosives and can carry double the amount of them.


The Exiles’ faction bonuses aid them in moving quickly across the map and close-range combat. The damage reduction offered while on zip-lines and fast ropes is particularly useful on maps like Crow’s Nest and Extinction that feature numerous zip-lines.


  • 15% XP bonus for melee kills.
  • 10% damage bonus for pistols.
  • 70% damage reduction while on zip-lines and fast ropes.


  • Combat
  • Thief
  • Bloodshot
  • Shades
  • Flying Skull
  • Razor Mouth
  • Mosca Amarilla
  • Anonymous
  • Krazy Katana
  • Boned


  • The leaders of The Exiles were Konrad's command team, which started a mutiny after the failed extraction mission.
  • Originally, The Exiles were known as the Spec Ops.


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