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The Road is the Ninth chapter of Spec Ops: The Line


  1. The mission starts as Walker and his team find the remains of Konrad's command team at the gate, burned alive by White Phosphorus. Walker begins hearing Konrad's voice over a radio. He tries to reason with the Colonial and is told to obey his commands. The team leaves the building and walks to a nearby over pass as Walker says he thought he knew Konrad. As they reach the over pass they find two men tied under the bridge by their wrists and surrounded by snipers. You are ordered by Konrad to shoot either man for breaking martial law or disobey him and take out the snipers resulting in the death of both. Killing either man will result in the snipers standing down and allowing Walker and his team to advance. They then fight their way through an ambush set by the 33rd and run into a sand storm. They fight through the storm and take shelter in a drain pipe until that night.


At the very start of the level tur directly around and walk towards the light in the back of the room. You should find a memorial with the Intel there.


  • The radio that Walker speaks to Konrad with is revealed to be broken in the finale and it is show that he had only been hearing Konrad's voice in his head the entire time. (If you've played beaten the game you obviously know this by now)
  • On the wall where the names of Konrad's dececed command team you can find Lugo and Admas name written there among the others.
  • It is also revealed in the finale that the men Walker was ordered to kill were already dead in the first place.