Spec Ops Wiki

Hey there, I'm Chris, aka SilenceInTheLibrary, nice to meet you!

I joined this wiki because I happened upon it randomly at the "Other Wikis" part of any given page, and thought, hey, why not? I saw that the wiki was focusing on a reboot that made it essentially new. So I decided to chip in and help.

You can find me over at Shingeki No Kyojin blog recently, or if you wish, I can give you my Tumblr or Skype, as long as I trust you.

Two game series I hold in my heart are Metroid and Zelda, although, I'm not on either of those wikis, frankly because they're just too big and my kind of input would likely get me rejected.

Hmm, what can I tell you about myself? Let's see, I love WWE, I've read at a college grade level since I was eight, and I want to be a graphic designer for the hottest video games in a few years.

If you mention Call of Duty or Halo around me, as well as Skyrim on occasion, I will stuff my fingers in my ears and loudly go "La la, lala la la, lala lala la la!" until I think you're done. I'm a big fan of Nintendo classics, too.

Feel free at any time to meet my extended family on Silent Hill Wiki! Or talk to me anywhere, it doesn't matter.

I wrote what's there of the walkthrough for Spec Ops: The Line again, and many thanks to Frank for writing the 4th chapter for me! Kinda quit on it as of late, though.