Spec Ops Wiki

Greetings, all. The names Ryan, though I go by a bunch of other names. You might have even run into me before.

I got into this wiki because I loved the Line, and I figured that it deserved just as much attention as Fallout or Call of Duty. I put on the editing gloves, started digging into the game's code, and here we are. 300 pages and counting. That's a number I can get behind.

When I'm not enjoying my vacation in sun-baked Dubai or blasting Konrad's loyal dogs on the servers, I mostly stick to single player games, Skyrim, Fallout, you get the idea. Occasionally, I'll pop in for a game of Counter-Strike, so maybe hit me up sometime.

That's about it. And, feel free to hit me up in chat if I'm on. I don't mind just shooting the breeze.