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KillHil KillHil 6 February 2012

Spec Ops: The Line Stands Apart from Call of Duty

Call of Duty is the sales king of military shooters. As such, there’s a natural tendency to want to copy its formula. Spec Ops: The Line does things its own way, stepping out of Call of Duty’s shadow in many ways.

Recently, I played a few hours of Spec Ops’ single-player missions and have seen about a third of what the campaign has to offer. It’s a refreshing change from most military shooters. Here are five things that set Spec Ops: The Line apart from Call of Duty.

  • 1 Location, location, location
  • 2 One hero, no confusion
  • 3 Sand is a weapon
  • 4 Moral ambiguity
  • 5 It’s not an action movie

Most shooters are globetrotting adventures with an expected mix of urban and wilderness settings. Spec Ops: The Line stays focused in one area. You start in Dubai and yo…

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