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Okay, here we go, I figured I might as well get this out of the way early on. First up, I wanna know your favorite character, aspects of the game, what you thought of the missions, etc, etc. I'll give you some info on my favorites as well as some things I'm intrigued by.

Character of John Lugo

First, Lugo is my favorite character, shortly followed by Martin Walker himself. He's the comic relief of the film that has that compassionate backup to it. I was really upset by his death. What I want to do right here, is offer a little comparison. If any of you are fans of the Alien series (you know, Ripley, Sigourney Weaver, all that?) then you might remember Alien Resurrection, came out the year I was born. Why am I bringing this up? Well, the specific character I'd like to compare to John Lugo, is Vincent DiStephano (played by Raymond Cruz).

  • Both are bilingual, and Lugo seems Hispanic to me, though I might be wrong.
  • Both are military roles.
  • Both are the comic relief of their respective game/movie.
  • Both have a compassionate side.
  • Both were very sadly killed off.
  • Lugo and DiStephano even have similar facial features.

Lugo seems to me to have been inspired by DiStephano's character. And damn, did they follow suit with the whole "kill the comedy" thing. It's sad, really, but it made for a great character.

Character of Martin Walker (Hallucinations)

Now, being from Silent Hill Wiki, I noticed Walker's mental state right off the bat. He has hallucinations of people that matter to him who are dead, which is similar to a few Silent Hill protagonists, and the military role makes me want to compare him to Alex Shepherd, protagonist of Silent Hill: Homecoming, who spent 3 years under the delusion that he was a soldier and was recently admitted to a hospital for the wounded (when it was actually a mental institution, his being there brought on by a state of shock, in turn brought on by the accidental death of his little brother, Joshua). Are you seeing something similar here? That said, it is VERY fun analyzing Walker's mentality throughout the walkthrough and game.


I know that sandstorms are often not given credit for their level of danger. The winds are furious, the only thing visible is sand, and the force of all that dirt flying through the air has been known to rip people apart. I felt that they were a very cool element to have in the game, definitely brought a kind of bonus sense of danger to the game. What did you think? Did they irritate you, give you a challenge, what?

Overall Opinion

This game is amazing. I definitely want more of this. It was an excellent reboot. Tell me what you thought of it.